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Happy March everyone!

Sorry for the delay in the updates. Things have gotten pretty busy for me. And I also got hit by writer`s block. Not a good combination. >_<

But I am working on a new chapter, so there should be an update by the end of the weekend. Until then, please read the past chapters and leave me some comments about what you think will and should happen!

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New links

Here are the links for the updates. To see what happens between Ryuusuke, Hannah, and Mamoru, click on parts 4 and 5!

New chapter part 5

Here is part 5 of the new chapter. Let's see what will happen with Ryuusuke and Hannah next. Oh and look out for Mamoru!


Glancing down, Hannah noticed the little flashing light signaling that she has a message. For some unknown reason her hand had a slight tremble as she reached for the phone. You’re being silly, she thought. There is no reason to be nervous. It isn’t like it is an official date. Just a chance for us to talk about how he is willing to betray his best friend by kissing me….okay, that train of thought is not helping my nerves at all!

Inhaling deeply in an effort to calm herself down, Hannah quickly opened the message to see what Ryuusuke had to say.

[Great! Glad you’re free. Maybe we can continue from where we left off

Tonight. Joking. ;P We’ll just talk tomorrow. Let’s meet at the station

at 12:00. Is it okay? Can’t wait to see you again. Until tomorrow. Baby. ^_-]

If she was a cartoon character, Hannah was sure steam would be rising off her face right now. Would every conversation with Ryuusuke be this embarrassing?

She quickly sent a reply confirming the meeting time and to lightly scold him for being a pervert. Placing the phone down, Hannah looked up at her friends and let a huge smile cross her face. “Who wants to go to karaoke to celebrate my pseudo date tomorrow?”

“Oh oh me!” Mika was practically bouncing in her seat.

Sam rolled her eyes but there was an amused look in her eyes. “You always want to go to. But,” she continued before Mika could attempt to defend herself. “It sounds fun. Let’s go.”


“Yeah girls! Sing it!”

They left the restaurant about an hour ago and went straight to karaoke to release all the tension of the past two weeks. Although it has been rough, things were starting to look up.

At the moment Mika and Sam were in the middle of singing a cheesy romantic duet while Hannah played the ‘adoring audience.’ But she was pulled out of the fantasy by a subtle vibration in her pocket.

Huh? She thought. Who could that be? Ryuusuke? But why would he be mailing me now?

Digging through her pocket, she finally managed to pull out her phone. As soon as she glanced at the email address, Hannah felt herself pale in shock and slight fear.

Mamoru! Why us he mailing me? Don’t tell me Ryuusuke told him about what happened. If he did, he’ll pay when I see him tomorrow!

Apprehensive, Hannah quickly opened the message; she wanted to get the pain over as soon as possible.

[Long time no see! ^^ How are you? Thank you for your hard work. How

was work today? What are you doing? What will you do tomorrow?]

Happiness and dread filled Hannah all at once. She was glad Mamoru actually mailed her for no reason at all and was making a slight effort to strengthen their relationship. A little attention is all she ever wanted from him.

But she knew that this new Mamoru wouldn’t last. As soon as she tells him about Ryuusuke, she was positive he’ll shut down. He never liked it when Hannah mentioned other men around him. However, she had to tell him; not telling him would only make things worse. Mamoru deserved to know the truth immediately instead of having his friends stab him in the back. For all the pain that he has caused her, he wasn’t a bad person.

{Yes, it has been awhile. I am fine. How are you? You must be busy.

My work was okay. How was yours? Now I am at karaoke with Mika

and Sam. How about you? Oh… tomorrow Ryuusuke and I will have

lunch together. What will you do tomorrow?}

Her thumb hovered over the send button. Should I send this? I don’t want to hurt him. But…. With a slight shake of her head, Hannah pressed send. I’m sorry Mamoru. But I can’t lie to you anymore.

She moved to slide her phone back into her pocket when she felt it buzz to life once again. A wave of nausea swept through her. Mamoru never replied that quickly unless he was excited or upset about something. And she was pretty sure that this wasn’t a message sent out of excitement.

[You’re meet Ryuusuke tomorrow? Oh. When did you decide to date?]

The nausea increased until Hannah was sure she was going to throw up. Although they were not dating, she had always been loyal to Mamoru, even when he didn’t deserve it. She never thought that she’d be able to let go of him. But now that she has started to distance herself, the idea that she could hurt Mamoru made her ill.

{We’re not dating. We are just meeting to talk. He… he wants me to

be his girlfriend. I haven’t said yes or no yet.}

Hannah was certain Mamoru wouldn’t rely to that message, but once again she was wrong about him. This time she wished that she was right.

{Ryuusuke….. he is a good person. He’d be good for you. I think you could

be happy with Ryuusuke.]

Hot, almost scalding tears filled her eyes. Slipping out of the karaoke room, Hannah flopped down onto the bench in the hallway and let the tears fall.

“All that talk about you finally fighting for me was bullshit,” she sobbed to herself. “I thought you had changed; that you really loved me. But I guess not if you are going to hand me to your best friend. And I was going to tell him no.” Slowly she wrapped her arms around herself and tucked her chin to her chest to comfort herself. “I hate you Mamoru,” she whispered through the sobs. “I hate you so much.”

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New chapter part 4

I am on a roll now! I have written an update for the new chapter. Nothing too crazy this time but some important decisions were made in this update. Please read and enjoy.


Hannah snatched her phone back. “Really?! You guys find that sarcastic answer hot?”

“Yup,” they answered simultaneously. The two smirked and high-fived each other. “Gotta love a man who will offer to be your bad boy,” Mika added.

“Well, I don’t think it’s funny,” Hannah grumbled as she typed up a response.

{I know what a kiss is! Why did you kiss me? Wait!

You and Mamoru talked about me? Why?}

Sam rolled her eyes as Hannah was sending the message. “Yeah, sure you don’t,” she said with a snort. “I bet that if Mamoru sent you that message, you’d think it was hot.”

A chill went through Hannah freezing her on the spot. Would I be okay with it if Mamoru sent that message? How would I react if it was from him instead of Ryuusuke?

The soft trill of her cell phone pulled Hannah back into the moment. Flipping open the phone, she read the message and felt her face heat up with embarrassment.

[Out of all the things in that message, you bring up the part

about Mamoru? I am really starting to think I’ll never have a

chance against him. T^T Are you free tomorrow? Maybe

we can have lunch and talk about tonight and us?]

“He wants to have lunch tomorrow to talk about everything,” she said after re-reading the message a couple of times. Looking up at her friends, she threw them a helpless look. “What should I do?”

“Go!” Sam said instantly. “Don’t hesitate. Say yes!”

“But what about Mamoru?”

“Hannah, what has Mamoru done that deserves such loyalty,” Mika asked with an oddly serious expression on her face. “Because in my opinion all he has done is play with your emotions, made false promises, and caused you to cry multiple times. There was a time when I was cheering for you’d make a cute couple. But now I think it’d be better if you have a little contact with him a possible. All he is going to do is hurt you again and again.”

The table went silent as everyone considered Mika’s words. Honestly, Hannah agreed with everything the other woman said; it was nothing that she hadn’t told herself in the past. So why couldn’t she forget Mamoru? Why couldn’t she let go? Maybe she needed a distraction..

“Well,” Hannah said finally. “Herbivores haven’t been working out so well for me. Maybe it is time to try a carnivore.”

“Right! That’s what We’ve been saying!”

Ignoring Mika’s comment, Hannah quickly typed a response to Ryuusuke’s message.

{You were the one to bring him up. ;P Yes, I am free tomorrow.

Sure, let’s meet. Where should we meet? What time is good?}

“You’d better be glad I’m such a good friend,” Mika teased when Hannah flipped her phone shut.

“Huh? Why’s that?”

“Because if I wasn't, I’d totally try to steal Ryuusuke from you.”

“Umm Mika? You’re the one that gave me the speech that encouraged me to accept Ryuusuke’s invitation. That was the perfect chance to steal him away.”

“Hence why you should be glad I am such a good friend.”

You two are so stupid!” Sam groaned. Her forehead was buried in the palm of one hand while the caressed the cocktail sitting beside her. “Hannah, check your phone. I heard it ring.”

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